sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2017

Het Verzet - Greatest Shits (2012)

01. Intro
02. Spliff in the Cypher
03. TMSB
04. Jazzmastas
05. Woordsjpelers
06. Altijd Overal
07. Duizendpoot
08. At the Corner
09. Bad Day
10. Pomp
11. Wij Zijn Wij Toch
12. Tegendraads
13. Bumrush
14. Irritant
15. Make It Bang
16. Mexikanen
17. Double Dutch
18. Shit Down Ya Neck
19. BBQ (Skit)
20. llikestodropssomeshottooyaknow
21. Who Are Dem
22. Signalen
23. Crusaders (Remix)



D-Stroy - More Than Beats & Rhymes (2011) [RE-UP]

01. Live From Springfield Penitentiary (Intro)
02. Lacing Biatches
03. Bugging Out
04. Crazy feat. Freestyle
05. Bravo feat. Miri Ben-Ari & Clinton Sparks
06. Lunch Breaks Show Break with Crazy Legs
07. Check
08. Roll Out
09. Good feat. Q-Unique
10. Lunch Breaks Show Break with Big Daddy Kane
11. 1993 feat. Pharoahe Monch
12. Art Of War Remix feat. Shabazz The Disciple
13. Matador
14. Show Must Go On feat. Del The Funky Homosapien
15. On My Block feat. Q-Unique
16. Rap Is Outta Control Show Break with DJ Premier
17. Scan The Fields feat. Shabazz The Disciple
18. Esto Es Lo Que feat. Tony Touch
19. Voices feat. Freestyle & Professional Sinnerz
20. Vitamin D
21. Time Is Now feat. Freestyle & Sicknature
22. Halftime Radio Show Break with DJ Eclipse & Q-Unique



Joe Snow - I Know You Know Me You (2016)

Eric the Red - Who's that Kid (Single) (2017)

quinta-feira, 25 de maio de 2017

Propo'88 - Astronomic Delight (2017)

1. Alpha (Bringing The Beat)
2. Knowledge Of Self (Ft. Glad2Mecha)
3. Dee Original Shit (Ft. Self The Bluest Eye)
4. The Anticipated (Ft. Wildelux)
5. Extra Extra (Ft. Hex One)
6. My Typa Style (Ft. BlabberMouf)
7. Amped Up (Ft. Tek-Nition)
8. Who Are You? (Ft. Cee Major)
9. Nobody's Smiling (Astronomic Interlude)
10. Said So (Ft. Inseyed)
11. Check (Ft. Corto Maltez)
12. Omega (Astronomic Outro) 


The Anticipated (Ft. Wildelux)

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Jeru // Gang Starr Foundation LIVE (Amsterdam 2016)

Snider - Various Changes (2014)

1.2014 (Intro) (prod by Snider)
2.Send A Message (feat. Crafty) (prod. by Snider)
3.Noble Way (feat. Bilbow Baggingz) (prod. by Snider)
4.Word (prod. by Snider)
5.Reminiscing (prod. by Snider)
6.Reality Check (Interlude) (prod. by Prospect)
7.From The Soul (prod. by Snider)
8.Gotta Live (prod. by Snider)
9.Young Child Pt.1 (prod. by Dornik)
10.Approach Bro (prod. by Snider)
11.No Dough (feat. Floetic Jay K.I.D) (prod. by Snider)
12.Straight Forward (feat. Crafty Ramzey) (prod. by Snider)
13.Mind Travel (feat. Josephine) (prod. by Snider)
14.Everyday (prod. by Snider)
15.Leftovers (feat. Verbz) (prod. by Snider)
16.Face To Face (prod. by Snider)
17.Various Changes (prod. by Snider)