domingo, 12 de novembro de 2017

Henrique Rezende - Particula​(​r​)​mentos Gerais (2010)

quarta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2017

Heltah Skeltah - Magnum Force (1998)

01. Worldwide (Rock The World)
02. Call Of The Wild (Feat. Starang Wondah, The Representativz, Hardcore & Doc Holiday)
03. Gunz `N Onez (Iz U Wit Me) (Feat. Method Man)
04. Perfect Jab (Feat. Supreme)
05. Call Tyrone (Skit)
06. Chicka Woo (Feat. Mike Stewart)
07. I Ain't Havin That (Feat. Starang Wondah & Doc Holiday)
08. 2 Keys (Skit)
09. Brownsville II Long Beach (Feat. The Dogg Pound)
10. 2 Keys II (Skit)
11. Magnum Force (Feat. The Representativz & Rustee Jux)
12. 2 Keys III (Skit)
13. Sean Wigginz
14. Forget Me Knots
15. Black Fonzirelliz
16. Do The Knowledge (Skit)
17. M.F.C. Lawz (Feat. Young Noble, Napolean, The Storm & Doc Holiday)
18. Hold Your Head Up (Feat. Anthony Hamilton)
19. Gang's All Here (Feat. MFC & BCC)

01. War Zone
02. M Pire Strikes Back
03. Sleepers
04. Bucktown (Remix)


I Ain't Havin That

Fakts One - Long Range (2008)

01.-Ridin Dirty
02.-Grown Folks Feat. Little Brother
03.-Life Music Feat. Rocklyn & Maya Azucena
04.-Ok Ft. Kingsyze & Outerspace
05.-Born For This Feat. Chan
06.-Don’t Stop Feat. Boot Camp Clik
07.-he Showstarter Feat. The Perceptionists
08.-Audiovisual Feat. J Live
09.-From The Q Feat. Universal
10.-Set The Mood Feat. Grayskul
11.-Moments Matter Feat. Tajai
12.-Selfish Feat. Akrobatik & Iyadonna
13.-Longevity Feat. Rasco, Planet Asia & Shakes Da Mayor
14.-The Showstarter(Walkman Remix) Feat. The Perceptionists



quinta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2017

Grooveman Spot a.k.a. DJ Kou-G - Eternal Development (2006)

01- Intro (in search of )
02- The blow (feat. Capitol a)
03- Hadesugiru (feat. Count bass d)
04- Im coming
05- Time for the essence (feat. Grap luva)
06- My mind (feat. Hunger raythought and u zipplain)
07- Levitation
08- Something like a (feat. Mahya)
09- Rude fantastic
10- Turn it up (feat. M.e.d.)
11- Meditation
12- Whos this (feat. Invincible)
13- Love is in the way (feat. Yoshika)
14- Benzaiten love (feat. Count bass d)
15- What we do (feat. Miss jack davey)
16- Maintain (feat. O.c.)


Hadesugiru (feat. Count bass d)

Heather B. - Eternal Affairs (2002)

1. Live MC (feat. Rich Nice)
2. Steady Rockin' (feat. Twyla)
3. One Life (feat. Horse)
4. You Goin' Down
5. Gotta Love Me
6. Noboty Knows You (feat. Kenny Lattimore)
7. Eternal Affairs
8. What She Don't Know (feat. Renee Neufville)
9. I Will Never Change (feat. Alvaughn)
10. More Than The Music (feat. Nature)
11. Dedicated (feat. Pete Rock)
12. Young,Gifted And Black (feat. Ice Pirate)



quarta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2017

Deon Slick - The Lost Dorm Tapes (2017)

domingo, 29 de outubro de 2017

House Of Pain - Same As It Ever Was (1994)

1 Back From The Dead
2 I’m A Swing It
3 All That
4 On Point
5 Runnin’ Up On Ya
6 Over There Shit
7 Word Is Bond
8 Keep It Comin’
9 Interlude
10 Same As It Ever Was
11 It Ain’t A Crime
12 Where I’m From
13 Still Got A Lotta Love
14 Who’s The Man
15 On Point (Lethal Dose Remix)